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Class AAA Section 6 Individuals

Feb. 24, 25 at Apple Valley

Apple Valley
Bloomington Jefferson
Bloomington Kennedy
Minneapolis Southwest
Minneapolis Washburn

Section 6AAA Coaches of the Year
Head: Chad Gage, Eagan
Asstistant: Tony Stensland, Eagan

1st-Destin McCauley, Apple Valley 4-2 (2OT)
2nd-Matt Ashton, Eagan
*True Second - Ashton over Dylan Ness 18-3
3rd-Dylan Ness, Kennedy 10-8 (OT)
4th-Scott Hogan, Eastview
5th-Josh Baier, Rosemount 10-5
6th-Nate Augspurger, Southwest
1st-Tom Kelliher, Apple Valley 6-0
2nd Minh Huynh, Eastview
3rd-Jared Fields, Eagan 11-4
4th-Robby Fisher, Kennedy
5th-Thanh Vu, Burnsville Fall at 4:21
6th-Garrett Bothun, Rosemount
1st-Robert Marshall, Apple Valley 7-4
2nd-Mike Litke, Rosemount
3rd-Hieu Pham, Kennedy 7-4
4th-Abebe Dessalegn, Eastview
5th-Adam Grittner, Eagan Forfeit
6th- Roger Rios, Burnsville
1st-Matt Mincey, Apple Valley 18-6
2nd-Mike Vruno, Eagan
*True Second -- Vruno over Luke Wilcox by Fall
3rd-Luke Wilcox, Kennedy 6-4
4th-Chad Ernst, Richfield
5th-Chris Griepp, Eastview Fall 3:54
6th-Jan Pearson, Rosemount
1st-Danny Crone, Apple Valley 7-0
2nd-Timmy Fisher, Kennedy
3rd-Bobby Dorn, Eagan Fall 1:12
4th-Cody Copeland, Richfield
5th-Jordan Stephan, Rosemount Fall 3:24
6th-Zach Okonek, Burnsville
1st-Derik Pearson, Rosemount 10-3
2nd-Craig Kelliher, Apple Valley
*True Second -- Kelliher over Logan Franzoni 8-2
3rd-Logan Franzoni, Burnsville 9-6
4th-Carl Maiers, Kennedy
5th-Brett Hammond, Eagan 12-1
6th-Peter Ogren, Southwest
1st-James Meyer, Apple Valley over Otis Weaver, Washburn by fall at 3:20
*True 2nd-Marty Hanson, Kennedy over Weaver 4-3
3rd place-Hanson over Josh Nelson, Eastview 9-8
5th-Josh Thill, Eagan 6-4
6th Jose Quintana, Burnsville
1st-Tony Lembeck, Kennedy 5-2
2nd-Stephan Henson, Rosemount
3rd-Sonny Zahn, Apple Valley 2-1 (2OT)
4th-Victor Sanchez, Southwest
5th-Dante Hendricks, Eastview 7-3
6th-Patrick Juarez, Eagan
1st-Alex McMahan, Apple Valley Fall 5:48
2nd-Dave Bjorkstrand, Burnsville
*True Second-Bjorkstrand over John Makabe, Eastview 15-7
3rd-John Makabe, Eastview Fall 3:48
4th-Matt Newlin, Kennedy
5th-Dan Fox, Rosemount 14-0
6th-Nick Nietz, Eagan
1st-Alex McLaughlin, Apple Valley 3-1 (OT)
2nd-Jeff Erkel, Eagan
*True Second-Erkel over Tommy Sanders, Kennedy 9-0
3rd-Tommy Sanders, Kennedy 4-3
4th-Dillon Powell, Eastview
5th-Brian Woelfel, Burnsville Fall 3:47
6th-Rich Lavoy, Rosemount
1st-Tyson Wood, Eagan 2-1 (2OT)
2nd-Tyler Bowling, Apple Valley
*True Second-Bowling over Nick Blanco, Southwest 8-5
3rd-Nick Blanco, Southwest 15-3
4th-Andrew Nelson, Eastview
5th-Luke Erickson, Kennedy 3-0
6th-Steve Wysocki, Richfield
1st-Billy Morgan, Rosemount 9-2
2nd-Dan Getzke, Eastview
3rd-Brian Miller, Burnsville 2-1 (2OT)
4th-Jacob Cannady, Washburn
5th-Trey Peterson, Apple Valley Fall 2:05
6th-Will Sjobeck, Eagan
1st-Jeremy Miller, Eagan 10-5
2nd-Chad Eul, Eastview
3rd-Jake Evenson, Apple Valley, 3-2
4th-Jamal Lewis, Richfield
5th-Chris Flemming, Washburn 2-1 (2OT)
6th-Andy Myers, Rosemount
1st-Jordan Azzam, Rosemount over Matt Stark, Kennedy by Fall at 5:29
*True Second-Alex Diaz, Eagan over Stark 4-1
3rd Place-Alex Diaz, Eagan 5-3
4th-Mike Dralle, Apple Valley
5th-Ryan Fitcher, Burnsville by Injury Default
6th-Will Jackson, Eastview