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Class AAA Section 5 Individuals

Feb. 24, 25 at Minneapolis Edison

Hopkins (HO)
Maple Grove (MG)
Minneapolis Edison (ME)
Minneapolis North (MN)
Minneapolis Patrick Henry (MPH)
Minneapolis Roosevelt (MR)
Park Center (PC)
Robbinsdale Armstrong (RA)
Robbinsdale Cooper (RC)
Totino-Grace (TG)
Osseo (OS)
Minneapolis South (MS)

Section 5AAA Coaches of the Year
Head: Pat Marcy, Hopkins
Asstistant: Bill McCloskey, Robbinsdale Armstrong

103 Pounds
1. Cody Lensing (TG) Dec. 4-2
2. Donald James (HO)
3. Ryan Petterson (OS) Tech. Fall Time N/A
4. J. T. Thomas (RA)
5. Dylan Cahill (PC) Dec. 7-2
6. Chris Weaver (RC)
Cody Lensing (TG) Fall J. T. Thomas (ROS) 2:45
Donald James (HO) Dec. Ryan Petterson (OS) 7-5 OT
112 Pounds
1. James Locke (MS) Fall 3:13
2. Matt Morrison (HO)
True Second: Matt Morrison (HO) Maj. Dec. Aaron Dreissen (OS) 10-0
3. Aaron Dreissen (OS) Dec. 6-0
4. Mike Barnes (TG)
5. Damian Marshall (RC) DQ
6. Quintell Young (ED)
James Locke (MS) Tech. Fall Aaron Dreissen (OS) 5:41
Matt Morrison (HO) Dec. Quintell Young (ED) 4-3
119 Pounds
1. Terrance Young (ED) Tech. Fall 4:49
2. Peter Yang (MS)
True Second Peter Yang (MS) Dec. Tou Fu Xiong (PC) 9-5
3. Tou Fu Xiong (PC) Dec. 8-5
4. Garin Hogan (TG)
5. Derek Hagerman (OS) Dec. 7-1
6. Matt Bailey (RA)
Terrance Young (ED) Tech. Fall Tou Fu Xiong (PC) 5:27
Peter Yang (MS) Dec. Matt Bailey (RA)
125 Pounds
1. Kingsley Zelee (ED) Dec. 5-2
2. Alex Vosberg (PC)
True Second: Alex Vosberg (PC) Dec. Brad Griffore (MG) 6-1
3. Brad Griffore (MG) Default
4. Darren Moose (RA)
5. Peter Rummel (MS) Dec. 4-0
6. Brandon Neeck (TG)
Kingsley Zelee (ED) Dec. Brandon Neeck (TG) 11-6
Alex Vosberg (PC) Fall Darren Moose (RA) 1:59
130 Pounds
1. Jesse Straw (ED) Dec. 9-4
2. Robbie Gawboy (MG)
True Second: Robbie Gawboy (MG) Tech. Fall Cashmere Hegbourne (OS) Time N/A
3. Cashmere Hegbourne (OS) Dec. 2-1 OT
4. Sean Morgan (RC)
5. Kyle Brown (TG) Maj. Dec. 13-1
6. George Ostrom (HO)
Jesse Straw (ED) Tech. Fall George Ostrom (HO) 4:23
Robbie Gawboy (MG) Dec. Kyle Brown (TG) 7-3
135 Pounds
1. Nick Schuler (TG) Maj. Dec. 13-3
2. Koby Lurson (OS)
True Second: Koby Lurson (OS) Dec. Jeff Clabots (RC) 10-8
3. Jeff Clabots (RC) Fall 4:18
4. Erik Svensson (RA)
5. James Martin (MPH) DQ
6. Donald Williams (ED)
Koby Lurson (OS) Dec. Donald Williams (ED) 4-3
Nick Schuler (TG) Maj. Dec. Jeff Clabots (RC) 13-2
140 Pounds
1. Mark Feely (TG) Dec. 3-0
2. Kyle Hayes (RC)
True Second: Ben Sheeley (RA) Dec. Kyle Hayes (RA) 4-3
3. Ben Shelley (RA) Dec. 5-4
4. Chris Govoent (ED)
5. Robert Dowd (PC) Fall 3:55
6. Kyle Hoof (MG)
Mark Feely (TG) Maj. Dec. Ben Shelley (RA) 8-0
Kyle Hayes (RC) Dec. Robert Dowd (PC) 6-2
145 LBS
1. Tony Sadder (TG) Dec. 5-2
2. Zach Juusole (ED)
True Second: Zach Juusole (ED) Maj. Dec. Alec Agate (HO) 11-1
3. Alec Agate (HO) Dec, 4-2
4. Zach Westermann (PC)
5. Josh Smith (RC) Inj. Def.
6. Albert Yarmeto (RA)
Tony Sadder (TG) Maj. Dec. Zach Wetermann (PC) 11-1
Zach Juusole (ED) Maj. Dec. Albert Yarmeto (RA) 17-5
152 LBS
1. James Sims (PC) Fall 3:51
2. Dominique Gilmer (RA)
True Second: Dominique Gilmer (RA) Tech Fall Matt Griswold (TG) 5:39
3. Matt Griswold (TG) Maj. Dec. 10-1
4. Mike Christians (MS)
5. Jake Burbach (OS) Maj. Dec. 12-2
6. Lucas Stoneberg (RC)
Dominique Gilmer (RA) Dec. Mike Christians (MS) 6-4
James Sims (PC) Dec. Matt Griswold (TG) 12-9
160 LBS
1. Justin Miller (PC) Fall 3:36
2. Rumed Arafa (MS)
True Second: Rumed Arafa (MS) Maj. Dec. T. J. Lewis (TG) 10-2
3. T. J. Lewis (TG) Tech Fall 5:17
4. Tyler Dirks (OS)
5. Drew Smith (RC) Dec. 7-2
6. Zach Enrico (HO)
Justin Miller (PC) Fall T. J. Lewis (TG) :39
Rumed Arafa (MS) Maj. Dec. Zach Enrico (HO)
171 LBS
1. Jake Eidem (RA) Dec. 5-1
2. Komyung Yokoi (MPH)
True Second: Alec Dicken (PC) Fall Komyung Yokoi (MPH) 3:03
3. Alec Dicken (PC) Fall :28
4. Chris Hill (MS)
5. Preston Schlegel (HO) Dec. 3-2
6. Pat Ludwig (TG)
Jake Eiderm (RA) Tech Fall Alec Dicken (PC) 4:49
Komyung Yokoi (MPH) Dec. Chris Hill (MS) 7-3
189 LBS
1. Diangelo McKinely (RC) Dec. 7-3
2. Ronald Buck (MN)
3. Tim McNamara (MS) Dec. 5-3
4. Eben Via (HO)
5. Adam Biegert (OS) Dec. 7-3
6. Shawn Payne (RA)
Diangelo McKinley (RC) Dec. Adam Biegert (OS) 10-4
Ronald Buck (MN) Maj. Dec. Tim McNamara (MS) 13-5
215 LBS
1. Nick Johnson (HO) Dec. 17-15
2. David Prokosch (PC)
True Second: Chris Luedemann (MG) Fall David Prokosch (PC) 1:33
3. Chris Luedemann (MG) Dec. 8-1
4. Ryan Larson (RA)
5. Cyrus Allen (RC) Fall 2:13
6. Andrew Thomas (MPH)
Nick Johnson (HO) Dec. Chris Luedemann (MG) 7-0
David Prokosch (PC) Fall Cyrus Allen (RC) 1:21
275 LBS
1.Ben Condon (TG) Dec. 1-0
2. Mike Boettner (PC)
3. Ali Afsharjavan (MS) Dec. 5-3 OT
4. Ben Berry (HO)
5. Brynn Gruber (RC) Fall 4:11
6. Cam Washington (RA)
Ben Condon (TG) Fall Ben Berry (HO) 1:13
Mike Boettner (PC) Dec. Ali Afsharjavan (MS) 3-0

Submitted by Roger and Lynn Mischke