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Class AAA Section 2 Individuals

At Buffalo High School
Buffalo (BUF)
Chaska (CH)
Eden Prairie (EP)
Mankato West (MW)
Minnetonka (MIN)
Prior Lake (PL)
Shakopee (SHAK)
Wayzata (WAY)
Willmar (WIL)
New Ulm (NU)
Hutchinson (HUT)
Head Coach of the Year: Tom Beyer, Willmar
Assistant Coach of the Year: Bruce Rosenow, Hutchinson
1st: David Silverberg (WAY) 14-0
2nd: Pat Smith (CH)
3rd: Ryan Madson (HUT) 5-4
4th: Brad Overby (PL)
5th: Tom Casey (SHAK) 13-4
6th: Timmy Ruter (BUF)
1st: Tyler McCall (MIN)7-6
2nd: Matt Workman (EP)
3rd: Derek Schreiner (WAY) 4-1
4th: Walter Taylor (SHAK)
5th: Kyle Gauker (MW) Default
6th: Cabe Miller (CH)
1st: Derek Bomstad (HUT) 15-6
2nd: Isiah Harris (WAY)
True Second:
Isiah Harris over Calvin Wolf No Score Given
3rd: Calvin Wolf (SHAK) 11-1
4th: Adam Hoffman (NU)
5th: Matt Holmgren (MW) Default
6th: Colton Gleason (MIN)
1st: Mike Polley (WAY) 4-2
2nd: Brady Gilb (WIL)
3rd: Spud Laurent (SHAK) 12-8
4th: Andy Larson (PL)
5th: Nate Dobie (NU) Default
6th: Ethan Smith (HUT)
1st: Steve Carlon (EP) 5-2
2nd: Kyle Nelson (WIL)
3rd: Nick Gagnon (CH) Fall 5:23
4th: Geoff Beranek (NU)
5th: Brian Meuleners (HUT)9-0
6th: Brandon Groth (WAY)
1st: Jake Schiller (HUT) 7-1
2nd: Jesse Alonzo (WIL)
True second:
Jesse Alonzo over Kyle Martin No Score Given
3rd: Kyle Martin (EP) 1:06
4th: Brett Landrum (WAY)
5th: Neal Wenninger (NU) Fall 3:16
6th: Travis Pomranke (MW)
1st: Tyler Reiss (BUF) Fall 6:58 OT
2nd: Peter Johnson (WIL)
3rd: Brad Masche (EP) 6-4
4th: Chris Koob (NU)
5th: Adam Hawk (MIN) 9-5
6th: Travis King (CH)
1st: Brock Tidstrom (CH) Disqualification
2nd: Brady Routh (EP)
3rd: Jake Kahnke (SHAK) Default
4th: Trent Molecek (WIL)
5th: Nick Bicknase (MW) 18-6
6th: Ray Heinkel (BUF)
1st: Jeremy Welter (BUF) 6-5
2nd: Erik Heide (EP)
3rd: Jeremiah Johnson (CH) Fall 5:42
4th: Brandon Reickman (WIL)
5th: Tim Buzick (MW) 7-4
6th: Joe Casey (SHAK)
1st: Ben Talkington (CH) 11-6
2nd: Chris Perez (MW)
3rd: Josh Ellis (HUT) 2:34
4th: Curtis Throreson (NU)
5th: Tom Breegeman (SHAK) 6-4
6th: Wesley Reardon (MIN)
1st: Jake Johnson (PL) 2-1
2nd: Tyson Barrett (MIN)
True Second:
Derek Klatt Dec. Tyson Barrett 1-0
3rd: Derek Klatt (BUF) 5-4
4th: Tim Kral (NU)
5th: Matt Gullickson (MW) 3-2
6th: Eric Aurand (WIL)
1st: Jason Bowls by (EP) 8-2
2nd: Tony Neumann (WIL)
3rd: Zach Hohertz (MIN) Fall 2:48
4th: Brian Foley (WAY)
5th: James Hirschey (CH) 6-2
6th: Bobby Ross (MW)
1st: Cary McLaughlin (MIN) 7-5
2nd: Mike Christensen (BUF)
True Second:
Mike Christensen Over Kyle Koch No Score Given
3rd: Kyle Koch (EP) 7-3
4th: Dan Kurth (HUT)
5th: Corey Wandersee (MW) Fall 3:02
6th: Tony Rudloff (CH)
1st: Jake Madrinich (CH)5-2
2nd: Brett Lebrun (NU)
3rd: Nick Morgan (EP) 5-3 OT
4th: Ben Thonvold (WIL)
5th: Mike Free (MIN) Fall 2:27
6th: David Lein (PL)
Submitted By: Roger Mischke