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Class A Section 8 Individual

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Tournament Results | Fax: 612-605-0159
February 21, 2004 at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton High School
1. Frazee (FR) 147.5
2. Greenbush/Middle River/Badger (GBMR) 237.5
3. Fertile-Beltrami (FB) 196.5
4. Barnesville (BAR) 168
5. Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (DGF) 142.5
6. Mahnomen-Waubun (MW) 124.5
7. Red Lake County Central (RLCC) 69
8. Lake Park/Audubon (LPA) 63.5
9. Warren-Alvarado-Oslo (WAO) 48
10. East Grand Forks Sacred Heart (SH) 10
Section 8A Head Coach of 2004: Art Meyer, Barnesville
Section 8A Assistant Coach of 2004: Tim Olson, Fertile-Beltrami
Frazee senior Adam Aho, who won a fifth consecutive section title.
The Gators' four-time section champ: Gabe Mooney.
1st: Ryan Campbell (GBMR) WBD Andrew Lockrem (FRA) 9-2
3rd: Andrew Peterson (FB) WBD Landon Peppel (BAR) 10-4
5th: Wesley Magnell (RLCC) WBD Cory Bensen (LPA) 12-5
Ryan Campbell (GBMR) WBD Landon Peppel (BAR) 5-2
Andrew Lockrem (FRA) WBD Andrew Peterson (FB) 5-4
1st: Kirk Anderson (BAR) WBD Davey Kosen (DGF) 8-2
3rd: Cody Brazier (GBMR) WBD Eric Peterson (FB) 3-2
5th: Kyler Wegner (FRA) WBF Justin Green (MW) 2:17
Kirk Anderson (BAR) WBF Eric Peterson (FB) 3:23
Davey Kosen (DGF) WBD Cody Brazier (GBMR) 5-3
1st: Kenny Kahle (FRA) WBD Trent Sovde (GBMR) 11-8
3rd: Paul Reese (FB) WBD Jordan Bjorhus (DGF) 5-1
5th: Jake Jerger (BAR) WBF Josh Guenther (MW) 2:51
Kenny Kahle (FRA) WBMD Jordan Bjorhus (DGF) 12-3
Trent Sovde (GBMR) WBD Paul Reese (FB) 6-2
1st: Gabriel Mooney (GBMR) WBD Ben Anderson (FRA) 2-1
3rd: Steven Swanson (FB) WBF Lance Zachariason (LPA) 1:57
5th: Tyler Bjorhus (DGF) WBMD Josh Jerger (BAR) 9-0
Gabriel Mooney (GBMR) WBD Lance Zachariason (LPA) 8-2
Ben Anderson (FRA) WBMD Steven Swanson (FB) 13-1
1st: Blake Bristlin (FRA) WBD Mike Kraft (FB) 3-0
True Second: Mike Kraft (FB) WBD Zach Braaten (DGF) 8-3
3rd: Zach Braaten (DGF) WBF Brian Sorum (WAO) 4:20
5th: Mikel Magnell (RLCC) WBF Eli Jensen (GBMR) 2:14
Blake Bristlin (FRA) WBD Zach Braaten (DGF) 7-1
Mike Kraft (FB) WBD Mikel Magnell (RLCC) 8-5
1st: Kelly Janke (FRA) WBMD Charles Magnell (RLCC) 11-3
3rd: Evan Ranz (FB) WBD Dylan Lorenzen (DGF) 8-3
5th: Josh Lewis (GBMR) WBTF Cody Cox (BAR) 3:42
Kelly Janke (FRA) WBMD Dylan Lorenzen (DGF) 18-5
Charles Magnell (RLCC) WBD Evan Ranz (FB) 5-4
1st: Andy Quittschreiber (FRA) WBTF Jordan Gunufson (FB) 4:41
True Second: Dan Geray (MW) WBD Jordan Gunufson (FB) 10-4
3rd: Danny Geray (MW) WBF Joedan Kapphahn (GBMR) 4:33
5th: Pat Swiggum (DGF) WBD Danny Kava (BAR) 3-1
Andy Quittschrieber (FRA) WBF Pat Swiggum (DGF) 5:06
Jordan Gunufson (FB) WBMD Danny Kava (BAR) 10-2
1st: Brenton Newling (FRA) WBD Jake Lanoue (MW) 5-2
3rd: Jered Gunufson (FB) WBD Ryan Kempf (BAR) 3-1
5th: Justin Johnson (DGF) WBD Dale Rystad (RLCC) 7-2
Brenton Newling (FRA) WBMD Ryan Kempf (BAR) 13-2
Jake Lanoue (MW) WBD Jered Gunufson (FB) 9-4
1st: Adam Aho (FRA) WBD Jarret Hall (GBMR) 6-2
True Second: Jarret Hall (GBMR) WBMD Luke McArthur (MW) 9-0
3rd: Luke McArthur (MW) WBD Brenden Krupich (BAR) 5-3
5th: Dane Sorum (WAO) WBF Troy Kuehl (DGF) 2:08
Adam Aho (FRA) WBMD Luke McArthur (MW) 13-3
Jarret Hall (GBMR) WBTF Brenden Krupich (BAR) 4:32
1st: Tyler Zima (MW) WBD Isaac Johnson (LPA) 5-2
True Second: Isaac Johnson (LPA) WBMD Austin Bachmann (FRA) 9-0
3rd: Austin Bachmann (FRA) WBD Josh Hall (GBMR) 11-8
5th: Tanner Jorud (BAR) WBD Brian Horgeshimer (FB) 9-7 OT
Tyler Zima (MW) WBD Austin Bachmann (FRA) 6-3
Isaac Johnson (LPA) WBD Josh Hall (GBMR) 3-0
1st: Travis Blumer (GBMR) WBMD Trent Oftedahl (FB) 13-5
True Second: Austin Knoll (WAO) WBD Trent Oftedahl (FB) 7-5 OT
3rd: Austin Knoll (WAO) WBD Isaac Ratz (FRA) 2-1 OT
5th: Luke Halverson (BAR) WBF Mark Kaiser (SH) :56
Trent Oftedahl (FB) WBF Isaac Ratz (FRA) 4:51
Travis Blumer (GBMR) WBD Austin Knoll (WAO) 13-6
1st: Dane Hanson (GBMR) WBD Jeremiah Willett (RLCC) 5-2
3rd: Tim Larson (LPA) WBMD Travis Renecker (BAR) 15-2
5th: Humberto Alzalde (FB) WBF Billy Ingalls (MW) 4:00
Dane Hanson (GBMR) WBTF Travis Renecker (BAR) 6:00
Jeremiah Willett (RLCC) WBD Tim Larson (LPA) 9-2
1st: Mike Cox (BAR) WBD Peter Kern (GBMR) 5-3
3rd: Jon Brunner (MW) WBD Dustin Wrolstad (DGF) 5-1
5th: Aric Anderson (FRA) WBF Bryant Sombke (WAO) 1:51
Mike Cox (BAR) WBF Dustin Wrolstad (DGF) 1:34
Peter Kern (GBMR) WBD Jon Brunner (MW) 5-3
1st: Josh Ingle (GBMR) WBD Jon Dosh (DGF) 1-0
True Second: Jon Dosh (DGF) WBD Tim Fuchs (FB) 11-6
3rd: Tim Fuchs (FB) WBD Matt Jorud (BAR) 5-2
5th: Nick Winkler (MW) WBF Nick Galbrecht (FRA) 1:41
Josh Ingle (GBMR) WBMD Tim Fuchs (FB) 10-2
Jon Dosh (DGF) WBD Matt Jorud (BAR) 3-2