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Class AA Section 5 Individual

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February 27-28, 2004 at Rockford High School
Annandale/Maple Lake (ANML)
BOLD/Buffalo Lake-Hector (BOLD/BLH)
Dassel-Cokato (DC)
Delano (DEL)
Glencoe-Silver Lake (GSL)
Litchfield (LIT)
Monticello (MONT)
New London-Spicer (NLS)
Rockford (ROC)
Waconia/Mayer Lutheran (W/ML)
Watertown-Mayer (WTM)
Section Head Coach of the Year: Bruce Bartels, Annandale/Maple Lake
Section Assistant Coach of the Year: Billy Dehmer, Litchfield
1st: Mike Land (MONT) WBD Matt Farber (WTM) 10-8
True 2nd: Matt Farber (WTM) WBD Pat LeVasseur (BOLD/BLH) 7-5 OT
3rd: Pat LeVasseur (BOLD/BLH) WBD Josh Artman (WML) 7-4
5th: Reed Wimmer (LIT) WBD Tanner Dobmeier (DC) 2-1
Mike Land (MONT) WBD Josh Artman (WML) 4-3
Matt Farber (WTM) WBD Reed Wimmer (LIT) 7-2
1st: Kurt Salmen (DC) WBD Trevor Seck (DEL) 5-2
True 2nd: Trevor Seck (DEL) WBF Brandon Barth (GSL) 1:53
Third Place: Brandon Barth (GSL) WBF Nick Clemence (ANML) 5:27
Fifth Place: Brandon Henrich (WTM) WBD Kevin Bullis (WML) 5-2
Kurt Salmen (DC) WBTF Brandon Barth (GSL) 3:41
Trevor Seck (DEL) WBMD Nick Clemence (ANML) 9-0
1st: Jon Dahlheimer (MONT) WBF Jon Kramer (BOLD/BLH) 3:06
3rd: Tyler Polzin (GSL) WBMD Steve Rahkola (DC) 13-4
5th: Tyler Wadman (ANML) WBD David Malepsy (LIT) 8-2
Jon Dahlheimer (MONT) WBD David Malepsy (LIT) 6-0
Jon Kramer (BOLD/BLH) WBF Tyler Polzin (GSL) 2:41
1st: Beau Penk (LIT) WBMD Ben Anderson (ANML) 10-0
True 2nd: Ben Anderson (ANML) WBD Matt Hohenstein (DC) 4-1
3rd: Matt Hohenstein (DC) WBTF Lane Dumas (ROC) N/A
5th: Ryan Kreisch (GSL) WBF Andy MC Cain (WTM) 4:09
Beau Penk (LIT) WBF Matt Hohenstein (DC) 1:06
Ben Anderson (ANML) WBMD Lane Dumas (ROC) 11-3
1st: Joe Buschette (LIT) WBD Nels Anderson (DC) 9-3
True 2nd: Nels Anderson (DC) WBD Matt Burns (WTM) 9-5
3rd: Matt Burns (WTM) WBD Brendan Schmoll (BOLD/BLH) 6-5
5th: Adam Luberts (NLS) WBD Aaron Hempel (ANML) 7-2
Joe Buschette (LIT) WBMD Matt Burns (WTM) 11-2
Nels Anderson (DC) WBD Brendan Schmoll (BOLD/BLH) 3-2
1st: Cory Feehan (ROC) WBF Cole Neubauer (BOLD/BLH) 1:49
3rd: Chase Piepenburg (LIT) WBF Phil Roemer (ANML) :34
5th: Craig Keller (NLS) WBD Luke Aho (DC) 5-0
Cory Feehan (ROCK) WBF Craig Keller (NLS) 1:59
Cole Neubauer (BOLD/BLH) WBD Phil Roemer (ANML) 6-2
1st: Stephen Pilgram (ANML) WBD Aaron Cook (WML) 6-4
3rd: Chad Kubasch (WTM) WBD Matt Olson (DEL09 2-1 OT
5th: Josh Jenson (GSL) WBD Marshall Sager (DC) 4-3 OT
Stephen Pilgram (ANML) WBD Matt Olson (DEL) 7-0
Aaron Cook (WML) WBD Chad Kubasch (WTM) 7-3
1st: Matt Schrupp (WTM) WBD Tom Elfering (BOLD/BLH) 5-4
3rd: Nathan Roemer (ANML) WBF Craig Mathews (GSL) 3:50
5th: Chris Bullis (WML) WBF Dan Smith (LIT) :45
Matt Schrupp (WTM) WBMD Dan Smith (LIT) 9-0
Tom Elfering (BOLD/BLH) WBD Nathan Roemer (ANML) 9-7
1st: Nate Matousek (GSL) WBD Jared Duske (WML) 4-1
3rd: Shane Salmen (DC) WBMD Eric Reinert (WTM) 9-0
5th: Frank Koch (LIT) WBF Matt Schultz (ANML) 2:05
Nate Matousek (GSL) WBF Eric Reinert (WTM) 3:27
Jared Duske (WML) WBD Shane Salmen (DC) 1-0
1st: Ryan Mergen (MONT) WBD Jon Priess (WML) 9-5
True 2nd: Jon Priess (WML) WBD Jon Wawra (ROC) 3-2
3rd: Jon Wawra (ROC) WBD A. J. Werner (LIT) 6-3
5th: John Peterson (NLS) WBD Nick Demarais (ANML) 8-3
Ryan Mergen (MONT) WBD Jon Wawra (ROC) 7-4
Jon Priess (WML) WBD A. J. Werner (LIT) 9-2
1st: Cory Schlack (LIT) WBD Ben Timm (WML) 8-5
3rd: Brad Salveson (ANML) WBD Mike Torgerson (ROC) 8-7
5th: Just in Wymore (WTM) WBD Jacob Duehn (BOLD/BLH) 6-4
Cory Schlack (LIT) WBMD Mike Torgerson (ROC) 7-2
Ben Timm (WML) WBD Brad Salveson (ANML) 5-3 OT
1st: Aaron Dalchow (DEL) WBD Dan Hoernemann (WML) 8-1
3rd: Aaron Kromann (LIT) WBF Dan Elfering (BOLD/BLH) 3:13
5th: Jake Barnes (ROC) WBD Mike Kinser (DC) 8-5
Aaron Dalchow (DEL) WBD Dan Elfering (BOLD/BLH) 2-1
Dan Hoermemann (WML) WBD Aaron Kromann (LIT) 8-4
1st: Bryer Johnson (LIT) WBF Tony Hoy (DEL) 3:01
3rd: Joe Nord (WML) WBMD Adma Michalski (ANML) 11-3
5th: Tyler Klejeski (DC) WBD Paul Peterson (NLS) 5-0
Bryar Johnson (LIT) WBF Adam Michalski (ANML) :32
Tony Hoy (DEL) WBD Joe Nord (WML) 7-6
1st: Dan Pohl (WML) WBD Pete Philippi (DC) 4-1
True 2nd: Pete Philippi (DC) WBD Dusty Nicka (ANML) 7-4
3rd: Dusty Nicka (ANML) WBD Andy Walker (WTM) 7-3
5th: Dallas O'Dell (MONT) WBF Ben Stifter (GSL) :25
Dan Pohl (WML) WBF Dusty Nicka (ANML) 5:32
Pete Philippi (DC) WBF Dallas O'Dell (MONT) 1:23