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Class A Section 3 Individual

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February 27-28, 2004 at St. James High School
Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial/Mankato Loyola (LCWM/ML)
Madelia/Truman (MT)
Martin County West (MCW)
Nicollet (NIC)
Sibley East (SE)
St. Clair (STC)
St. James (STJ)
United South Central/Alden-Conger (USC/AC)
Section Head Coach of the Year: Andre Harnitz, LCWM/ML
Section Assistant Coach of the Year: Dan Kohler, USC/AC
1st: Andrew Lavos (STC) WBD Seth Amberg (USC/AC) 9-2
3rd: Grant Goettl (LCWM/ML) WBTF Derek Berger (SE) 5:20
5th: Rob Thermes (MT) WBF Nate Grommersch (NIC) 1:31
Andrew Lavos (STC) WBF Derek Berger (SE) 5:16
Seth Amberg (USC/AC) WBD Grant Goettle (LCWM/ML) 6-4
1st: Andy Forstner (MT) WBMD Andrew Bates (SE) 14-1
True 2nd: Andrew Bates (SE) WBTF Josh Hurley (STJ) N/A
3rd: Josh Hurley (STJ) WBD Nathan Goettle (USC/AC) 14-11
5th: Beamer Flowers (STC) WBD Joey Wagner (LCWM/ML) 6-4
Andy Forstner (MT) WBF Nathan Goettle (USC/AC) :29
Andrew Bates (SE) WBD Beamer Flowers (STC) 6-2
1st: Nate Willaert (LCWM/ML) dec. over Brad Kruse (STC) 4-0
3rd: David Anderson (MCW) dec over Jason Gleason (Nic) 6-0
5th: Sam Stevermer (USC/AC) WBD Tyler Stevensen (MT) 4-3
Nate Willaert (LCWM/ML) Decision over Tyler Stevensen (MT) 4-0
Brad Kruse (STC) Dec. over David Anderson (MCW) 6-4
1st: Shane Johnson (STJ) WBD Kenny Sandt (USC/AC) 5-1
3rd: Codey Schultz (LCWM/ML) WBMD Derek Hahn (SE) 12-4
5th: Rob Zehnder (MT) WBF Matt Sieberg (STC) 3:24
Shane Johnson (STJ) WBTF Derek Hahn (SE) 4:40
Kenny Sandt (USC/AC) WBMD Codey Schultz (LCWM/ML) 8-0
1st: Jeff Gargill (STJ) WBD Jeremy Hutchens (LCWM/ML) 4-3
True 2nd: Jeremy Hutchens (LCWM/ML) WBF Ryan Grommersch (NIC) 1:38
3rd: Ryan Grommersch (NIC) WBMD Justin Rose (SE) 8-0
5th: Brian Wood (USC/AC) WBID Dustin Forstner (MT)
Jeff Cargill (STJ) WBF Ryan Grommersch (NIC) 4:31
Jeremy Hutchens (LCWM/ML) Dustin Forstner (MT) 2-0
1st: D. J. Brey (STJ) WBD Derrek Ulmen (MT) 5-4
True 2nd: Derrek Ulmen (MT) WBD Chris Holzler (USC/AC) 5-1
3rd: Chris Holzler (USC/AC) WBD Steve Reed (LCWM/ML) 5-3 OT
5th: Jeff Alerson (NIC) WBF Brett Pioske (SE) 1:02
D. J. Brey (STJ) WBD Steve Reed (LCWM/ML) 12-8
Derrek Ulmen (MT) WBD Jeff Alerson (NIC) 5-1
1st: Chance Carlson (USC/AC) WBD Pat Vos (SE) 9-6
3rd: Josh Olsen (NIC) WBD Chris Leffermen (MT) 7-1
5th: Lance Goettle (LCWM/ML) WBF Jacob Preston (STC) :51
Chance Carlson (USC/AC) WBD Chris Leffermen (MT) 9-5
Pat Vos (SE) WBD Josh Olsen (NIC) 10-4
1st: Eric Cooling (MT) WBD Dylan Tate (LCWM/ML) 12-7
True 2nd: Dylan Tate (LCWM/ML) WBD Dan Compart (NIC) 10-7
3rd: Dan Compart (NIC) WBD Sean Drexler (SE) 5-1
5th: Ryan Schwein (STC) WBF Matt Frederickson (STJ) 3:09
Eric Cooling (MT) WBMD Matt Frederickson (STJ) 12-4
Dylan Tate (LCWM/ML) WBF Ryan Schwein (STC)
1st: Damon Traxler (SE) WBMD Shawn Whelan (USC/AC) 11-1
3rd: Matt Sonnek (STC) WBMD Reed Hudson (LCWM/ML) 11-3
5th: Tony Ness (NIC) WBF Nate Jurgens (STJ) 1:59
Damon Traxler (SE) WBTF Tony Ness (NIC) 4:18
Shaun Whelan (USC/AC) WBF Matt Sonnek (STC) 3:40
1st: Jacob Seys (STC) WBMD Phillip Hawkins (NIC) 15-4
3rd: Jerad Carlson (STJ) WBD Nigel Masters (USC/AC) 3-1
5th: Dusty Hughes (LCWM/ML) Tyler Kronemann (MT) 3:08
Jacob Seys (STC) WBMD Nigel Masters (USC/AC) 13-3
Phillip Hawkins (NIC) WBD Jerad Carlson (STJ) 2-1 OT
1st: Carl Wilking (NIC) WBF Mark Wieman (SE) :38
3rd: Ben Karp (LCWM/ML) WBF Cody Schoefer (MT) 3:28
5th: Ben Schweim (STC) WBD Tyler Ignaszewski (USC/AC) 5-1
Carl Wilking (NIC) WBF Cody Schoefer (MT) 2:59
Mark Wieman (SE) WBF Ben Karp (LCWM/ML) 1:14
1st: Cory Harnitz (LCWM/ML) WBF Gus Flores (STJ) 1:56
True 2nd: Gus Flores (STJ) WBF Klint Sauke (USC/AC) 3:07
3rd: Klint Sauke (USC/AC) WBF Jesse Trubenbach (NIC) 3:49
5th: Brian More (STC) WBF Brit Keithehn (SE) 2:51
Cory Harnitz (LCWM/ML) WBF Klint Sauke (USC/AC) 1:46
Gus Flores (STJ) WBD Brian More (STC) 17-11
1st: Dusty Faber (MCW) WBD Matt Shroepfer (LCWM/ML) 7-5
3rd: Just Schwanz (STJ) WBF Tyler Matz (SE) 5:09
5th: Josh Cords (USC/AC) WBF Doug Gudahl (STC) :33
Dusty Faber (MCW) WBMD Tyler Metz (SE) 14-1
Matt Shroepfer (LCWM/ML) WBF Justin Schwanz (STJ) 5:30
1st: Jared Schwanz (STJ) WBF Mike Marzinske (LCWM/ML)
3rd: Bill Drummer (STC) WBD Matt Michels (NIC) 9-4
5th: Mick Behle (USC/AC) WBF Zach Ehke (SE) 1:23
Jared Schwanz (STJ) WBF Matt Michels (NIC) :41
Mike Marzinske (LCWM/ML) WBD Bill Drummer (STC) 5-3