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Class AA Section 2 Individual

Events subject to change. Check local schedules to verify dates, times, and locations.

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February 27-28, 2004 at Blue Earth, MN
Blue Earth Area (BEA)
Fairmont (FMT)
Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop/McLeod West
Jackson County Central (JCC)
LeSueur-Henderson (LSH)
Mankato East (ME)
Maple River (MR)
New Prague (NP)
Scott West (Belle Plaine, Jordan) (SW)
St. Peter (STP)
Waseca (WAS)
Windom Area/Butterfield-Odin/Mountain Lake (WML)
1st: Travis Rutt (NP) WBF Torey Stewart (JCC) 2:45
3rd: Cody Adams (MW) WBF Alex Bach (MR) 1:48
5th: Mike Pfarr (LSH) WBMD Lucas Edberg (SW) 8-0
Travis Rutt (NP) WBF Alex Bach (MR) 1:51
Torey Stewart (JCC) WBD Cody Adams (MW) 11-4
1st: Aaron Norgren (MR) WBD Mike Minette (NP) 5-3
3rd: Tyler Elkhart (BEA) WBD Colt Bergendahl (WML) 1-0
5th: Shane Sinell (LSH) WBID Eddie Dvorak (SW)
Mike Minette (NP) WBMD Colt Bergendahl (WML) 9-0
Aaron Norgren (MR) WBD Eddie Dvorak (SW) 11-7
1st: Travis Elg (WML) WBD Andrew Pudwell (SW) 11-5
3rd: Eric Nagel (BEA) WBD Ryan Supalla (MR) 1-0
5th: Zach Posch (LSH) WBF Sterling Bergfrede (JCC) 2:37
Travis Elg (WML) WBD Ryan Supalla (MR) 10-3
Andrew Pudwell (SW) WBF Eric Nagel (BEA) 3:09
1st: Nick Kulseth (WML) WBF Justin Kolander (JCC) 4:19
True 2nd: Justin Kolander (JCC) WBF Karl Sohn (BEA) :52
3rd: Karl Sohn (BEA) WBD Tony Schuster (SW) 5-4
5th: Andy Shetka (NP) WBD Kyle Carrivoau (ME) 3-2
Nick Kulseth (WML) WBD Kyle Carrivoau (ME) 6-3
Justin Kolander (JCC) WBF Tony Schuster (SW) 1:43
1st: Dominic Dvorak (SW) WBF Tyler Radke (MR) 1:13
3rd: Joe Flicek (NP) WBD Taylor Teems (BEA) 6-0
5th: Cody Thompson (STP) WBD Jarod Korb (WAS) 7-2
Dominic Dvorak (SW) WBD Taylor Teems (BEA) 6-1
Tyler Radke (MR) WBD Joe Flicek (NP) 1-0
1st: Lucas Meuer (WAS) WBD Jeff Stuckenbroker (WML) 7-3
True 2nd: Jeff Stuckenbroker (WML) WBD Justin Turek (NP) 5-1
3rd: Justin Turek (NP) WBD Jordan Burmeister (JCC) 8-6
5th: Jacob Roberts (SW) WBTF Ben Hoyt (BEA) N/A
Lucas Meuer (WAS) WBD Jordan Burmeister (JCC) 7-5
Jeff Stuckenbroker (WML) WBD Jacob Roberts (SW) 4-2 OT
1st: Mike Folie (WAS) WBD Mike Wubbena (FMT) 5-4
3rd: Adam Minette (NP) WBD Trevor Ruser (BEA) 3-1
5th: Scott Laughter (ME) WBD Brandon Bartyzal (LSH) 4-2
Mike Folie (WAS) WBF Scott Laughter (ME) 2:41
Mike Wubbena (FMT) WBD Adam Minette (NP) 6-4
1st: Josh Dokken (WAS) WBD Danny Dahn (LSH) 7-3
True 2nd: Dustin Boumeester (SW)WBD Danny Dahn (LSH) 10-3
3rd: Dustin Boumeester (SW) WBD Dan Franta (BEA) 10-3
5th: Jared Anderberg (STP) WBD Matt Trio (MR) 6-4
Danny Dahn (LSH) WBD Dan Franta (BEA) 4-1
Josh Dokken (WAS) WBD Dustin Boumeester (SW) 7-5
1st: Dan Robb (WAS) WBMD Eric Olson (NP) 13-4
True 2nd: Eric Olson (NP) WBD Dan Moret (ME) 6-1
3rd: Dan Moret (ME) WBF Cody Hyland (BEA) 1:40
5th: Alan Braunshausen (MR) WBMD Greg Colosey (SW) 12-0
Dan Robb (WAS) WBD Dan Moret (ME) 7-2
Eric Olson (NP) WBMD Alan Braunshausen (MR) 16-5
1st: Davey Gerhard (SW) WBD Ryan Fast (WML) 4-2
True 2nd: Ryan Fast (WML) WBF Seth Shirley (MR) :40
3rd: Seth Shirley (MR) WBD Matt Sommers (WAS) 5-3
5th: Chad Block (STP) WBF Tony Boehm (BEA) 1:14
Davey Gerhard (SW) WBD Seth Shirley (MR) 5-0
Ryan Fast (WML) WBF Chad Block (STP) 2:50
1st: Kent Scheff (JCC) WBD Adam Herrmann (SW) 4-0
True 2nd: Adam Herrmann (SW) WBF Brady Janszen (WML) :53
3rd: Brady Janzen (WML) WBD Jeff Prange (WAS) 9-6
5th: Zach Campbell (BEA) WBD Paul Vulcan (STP) 6-3
Kent Scheff (JCC) WBD Brady Janzen (WML) 7-1
Adam Herrmann (SW) WBMD Jeff Prange (WAS) 12-2
1st: Tom Nesseth (JCC) WBF Jeremiah Flintrop (WAS) 3:05
3rd: Mike May (LSH) WBD Jake Benzkofer (ME) 10-4
5th: Derek Radtke (WML) WBID Talon Jaycox (STP)
Tom Nesseth (JCC) WBD Jake Benzkofer (ME) 8-4
Jeremiah Flintrop (WAS) WBD Mike May (LSH) 6-4 OT
1st: Scott Kaminski (WAS) WBD Matt Burk (LSH) 5-2
True 2nd: Matt Burk (LSH) WBF Blake Crow (WML) :28
3rd: Blake Crow (WML) WBF Jake Schoenecker (NP) 1:31
5th: Travis Vorwerk (GFW) WBID Eric Neilson (JCC)
Scott Kaminski (WAS) WBF Jake Schoenecker (NP) :21
Matt Burk (LSH) WBF Travis Vorwerk (GFW) 1:15
1st: Kevin Robling (SW) WBF Tom Block (WAS) 3:50
3rd: Lucas Struss (FMT) WBF Jared Knips (JCC) 2:55
5th: Kevin Zachetzsche (WML) WBD Ace Cooen (NP)
Kevin Robling (SW) WBF Jared Knips (JCC) 1:08
Tom Block (WAS) WBD Lucas Struss (FMT) 3-2