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Class A Section 4 Individual

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Tournament Results Form | Fax: 1-503-210-8826
at Southwest State in Marshall
1st: Luke Bothun DB 7-4
2nd: Joey Bullerman AD
3rd: Tyler Steen MAC 11-2
4th: Craig Peterson MIN
5th: Ryan Schjenken RCW 10-2
6th: A.J. Jenniges WAB
1st: Brandon Schunk WAB 10-3
2nd: Brandon Schmoll BOLD
3rd: Anthony Myhre MIN 7-0
4th: Colby Citrowske CAN
5th: Tom Rustad KMS Fall :51
6th: Tom Miller MAC
1st: Nathan Kubesh BOLD 11-3
2nd: Brandon Bullerman AD
3rd: Kordell Van Hevlen KMS fall 5:51
4th: Derek Stripling MIN
5th: Jared Sietesma RCW 11-4
6th: Dan Hatch WAB
1st: Todd Traen MIN 8-3
2nd: Bryan Pietig BOLD
3rd: Justin Irlbeck WAB 16-1
4th: Pete Jensen AD
5th: Branden Claeys CAN 6-2
6th: Cory Enesvedt RCW
1st: Chad Altermatt WAB 7-6
2nd: Matt Jahnke BOLD
3rd: Dusty Bullerman AD 3-2
4th: Ricky Peterson MIN
5th: Jason Schueller DB 3-0
6th: Darrin Carlson KMS
1st: Cole Altermatt WAB 11-3
2nd: Chance Kvistad BEN
3rd: Ryan Sather DB 9-2
4th: Cyle Olson BOLD
5th: Ryan Carlson KMS 12-9
6th: Adam Voss AD
1st: Corey Schunk WAB 3-0
2nd: Adam Carruth BEN
3rd: Clay Olson BOLD 8-3
4th: Josh Snortum CAN
5th: Trevor Steen MAC 7-6
6th: Dave Bothun DB
1st: Shawn Plumley BOLD 6-0
2nd: Todd Opdahl MIN
3rd: Lance Citrowske CAN Fall :59
4th: Jesse Schropefer WAB
5th: Tom Paulson KMS 10-5
6th: Cody Brown DB
1st: Matt Hoffman CAN 5-1
2nd: Kasey Van Hevlen KMS
3rd: Tony Sauer AD 10-7
4th: Tom Elfering BOLD
5th: Scott Thompson BEN 9-2
6th: Chaz Ochsendorf DB
1st: Wade Gillund MIN 16-6
2nd: Matt Zupke BOLD
3rd: Nick Kockelman CAN 6-3
4th: John Frericks WAB
5th: Kole Van Hevlen KMS 10-5
6th: Trent Bullerman AD
1st: Ross Kockelman CAN 8-4
2nd: Levi Bullerman AD
3rd: Dan Elfering BOLD fall :28
4th: Tyson Tofte KMS
5th: Dan Mathowetz WAB 4-2 ot
6th: Wade Miller BEN
1st: Craig Myhre MIN 5-2
2nd: Dan Full CAN
3rd: Gary Knesl KMS 5-1
4th: Brandon Schletter AD
5th: Luke Ruess BEN Fall 1:29
6th: Matt Niebelschutz MAC
1st: Nathan Kubesh BOLD 9-4
2nd: Mark Olson MIN
3rd: Jed Regnier CAN 12-3
4th: Kade Club DB
5th: Matt Uttermark MAC fall 1:33
6th: Cody Lutmer AD
1st: Jordan Keltgen BOLD 6-1
2nd: Brad Pederson CAN
3rd: Josh Winselman AD 5-2
4th: Casey Clausen DB
5th: Nathan Wentzel KMS inj. def.
6th: Ben Dernyck MIN
notes: Cyle and Clay Olson 135 and 140 of BOLD both got their 100th wins.
There was only one true second match. 130 Matt Jahnke beat Dusty Bullerman 6-2.