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Class AA Section 3 Individual

Events subject to change. Check local schedules to verify dates, times, and locations.

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Tournament Results Form | Fax: 1-503-210-8826
at Windom Area High School
1st: Fulda/Murray County Central (FMC)
2nd: Jackson County Central (JCC)
3rd: LacQui Parle Valley (LQP)
4th: Luverne (LUV)
5th: Marshall (MAR)
6th: Montevideo (MON)
7th: Pipestone Area (PA)
8th: Red Rock Central/Westbrook-Walnut Grove (RRW)
9th: Tracy/Milroy/Balaton (TMB)
10th: Windom Area/Mt. Lake/Butterfield-Odin (WMB)
11th: Worthington/Sioux Valley/Round Lake/Brewster (WSV)
12th: Yellow Medicine East (YME)
1st: Travis Elg WMB
2nd: Chad Listul YME
3rd: Cole Cooreman TMB
4th: Nathan Barker LWP
5th: Tyler Kanten MON
6th: Chris Ashby LUV
1st: Gage Halvorson MON
2nd: Kyle Evans PA
3rd: Chad Cooreman TMB
4th: Cody Bergendahl WMB
5th: Keith Malherek MAR
6th: Nate Hodnefield JCC
1st: Nick Kulseth WMB
2nd: Justin Kolander JCC
3rd: Luke Giese FMC
4th: Adam Snyder TMB
5th: Brady Thomson LQP
6th: Tom Jacobson YME
1st: Jeff Stuckenbroker WMB
2nd: Blaine Weber YME
3rd: Michal Barrie RRW
4th: David Carruth LQP
5th: Brandon Rall WSV
6th: Travis Manderscheid PA
1st: Jeff Cooley RRW
2nd: Scott Jacobson YME
3rd: Jared Langseth WSV
4th: Cameron Avelsgard LQP
5th: Chris Fast WMB
6th: Rustin Aaker LUV
1st: Justin Fruechte PA
2nd: Jordan Burmeister JCC
3rd: Dusty Seachris LUV
4th: Travis Winters WMB
5th: Spenser Sannerud YME
6th: Andy Nelson TMB
1st: Nick Cole YME
2nd: Tom Halvorson MON
3rd: Brad Sowles WSV
4th: Jason Kruger WMB
5th: Steve Evans PA
6th: Brandon Haas LQP
1st: Ryan Olsem FMC
2nd: Paul Carlson TMB
3rd: John Kremmin WMB
4th: Jesse Evans PA
5th: Patrick Cummings WSV
6th: Freddy Dalle MAR
1st: Jeff Campbell WSV
2nd: Canaan Petersen LUV
3rd: Ryan Fast WMB
4th: David Darveaux PA
5th: Jordan Stock YME
6th: Nick Coulter RRW
1st: Derek Hall WMB
2nd: Kent Scheff JCC
3rd: Tom Pauling MON
4th: Zach Stock YME
5th: Dean Paulzine FMC
6th: Derrick Goettig RRW
1st: Cody Anderson WMB
2nd: Dusty Bakker MON
3rd: Brett Lutmer MAR
4th: Tyler Santjer YME
5th: Brian Gustad RRW
6th: Tim Byrne TMB
1st: Colby Bruns MAR
2nd: Tom Nesseth JCC
3rd: Kirk Nelson RRW
4th: Brady Janzen WMB
5th: Nick Schommer YME
6th: Jeff Horne FMC
1st: Joel Evans LUV
2nd: Nick Steinmetz FMC
3rd: Andy Anderson RRW
4th: Travis Berg YME
5th: Mike Schreier TMB
6th: Derek Radtke WMB
1st: Tim Johnson RRW
2nd: Blake Klingsing PA
3rd: Cody Jagow LUV
4th: Jared Knips JCC
5th: Troy Paplow FMC
6th: David Schueler YME