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Class AA Section 2 Individual

Events subject to change. Check local schedules to verify dates, times, and locations.

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Tournament Results Form | Fax: 1-503-210-8826
Section 2AA individual results
1st: Kurt Sohn (BEA) over Travis Rutt (NP) by decision 7-0
True Second- Travis Rutt (NP) over Luke Amsden (S-RV) by fall
3rd: Luke Amsden (S-RV) over Zach Pesch (LH-C) by decison 12-3
5th: Cody Adams (ME) over Edward Dvorak (SW)by decision 12-11
1st: Andy Stier (SW) over Eric Nagel (BEA) by decision 7-3
True Second-Brandon Bartyzal (LH-C) over Eric Nagel (BEA) by decision 1-0
3rd: Brandon Bartyzal (LH-C) over Mike Minette (NP) by decision 4-2
5th: Casey Domeier (S-RV) over Ryan Supalla (MR) by major decision 12-0
1st: Lucas Meuer (Was) over Taylor Teems (BEA) by decision 2-1
3rd: Dominic Dvorak (SW) over Tyler Radke (MR) by decision 12-4
5th: Brady Augustin (S-RV) over Andy Shetka (NP) by decision 8-2
1st: Jacob Roberts (SW) over Phil Kick (NP) by decision 7-0
True Second-Phil Kick (NP) over Ben Hoyt (BEA) by fall
3rd: Ben Hoyt (BEA) over Ben Fjoser (LH-C) by decision 6-5
5th: Jared Anderberg (SP) over Lucas Nordby (GFW)
1st: Mike Wubbena (FMT) over John Dvorak (NP) by decision 8-5
3rd: Brian Messerli (GFW) over Russel Gewerth (Red.)
5th: Chris Herrmann (SW) over Trevor Ruser (BEA) by decision 6-3
1st: Mike Folie (Was) over Justin Turek (NP) by major decision 16-6
True Second-Dustin Boumeester (SW) over Justin Turek (NP) by decision 11-6
3rd: Dustin Boumeester (SW) over Shawn Gewerth (RV) by fall
5th: Mike Halter (S-RV) over Dan Franta (BEA) by fall
1st: Adam Minette (NP) over Kevin Widmer (S-RV) by decision 6-4 O.T.
3rd: Chris Langr (Was) over Greg Colosey (SW) by major decision 14-2
5th: Philip Hartman (GFW) over Ryan Unke (FMT) by injury default?
1st: Dan Dahn (LH-C) over Tom Anderson (Red.) by decision 6-5
3rd: Dan Robb (Was) over Eric Olson (NP) by decision 7-3
5th: Alan Braunshausen (MR) over Andy Krueger (S-RV) by major decision
1st: Randy Tietz (NP) over Adam Herrmann (SW) by decision 9-5
3rd: Dusty Myers (Red) over Anders Brekke (ME) by decision 16-10
5th: Drew Bartelt (Was) over J.D. Sandon (FMT) by fall 5:58
1st: Joey Stoutland (SW) over Adam Buboltz (GFW) by fall
True Second- Adam Buboltz (GFW) over Jeff Prange (Was) by decision 11-5
3rd: Jeff Prange (Was) over Jesse Fox (S-RV) by decision 4-1
5th: Chad Block (SP) over Bo Hagert (Red) by decision 7-6
1st: Davey Gerhart (SW) over Jim Rutt (NP) by decision 8-3
3rd: Gerry Brekke (ME) over Ben Dahmes (Red) by fall
5th: Jim Grant (BEA) over Dan Uhrich (MR) by major decision 18-6
1st: Adam Haller (SW) over Curtis Thompson (SP) by fall
True Second-Jeremiah Flintrap (Was) over Curtis Thompson (SP) by fall
3rd: Jeremiah Flintrap (Was) over Mike May (LH-C) by fall
5th: Zach Campbell (BEA) over Jay Anderson (S-RV) by fall
1st: Kevin Robling (SW) over Scott Kaminski (Was) by decision 7-2
3rd: Brian Jean (ME) over Talon Jaycox (SP) by fall
5th: Ryan Powell (NP) over Ty Sturtz (BEA) by fall O.T.
1st: Jeff Lucas (SW) over Eric Jean (ME) by fall
3rd: Lucas Struss (FMT) over Matt Burk (LH-C)
5th: Tom Block (Was) over Chris Hanson (SP) by fall