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Class AA Section 8 Individual

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Feb. 23, 2002 at Fosston, MN
State Tournament Qualifiers
103: Tyler Safratowich, Park Rapids Area; Colt Bergeron, Thief River Falls
112: Nate Rausch, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis; Daniel Le Duc, Thief River Falls
119: Cody Nord, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena; Shad Tappe, Detroit Lakes
125: Dan Essig, Deer River/Northland; Chad Zubke, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis.
130: Ben Lamphere, Hibbing; Jeremy Anderson, Thief River Falls.
135: Shane Tappe, Detroit Lakes; Lars Lisell, Roseau
140: Kevin Peterson, Roseau; Nick Boit, Detroit Lakes
145: Joe Safratowich, Park Rapids Area; Andy Przekwas, Roseau
152: Steve Safratowich, Park Rapids Area; Douglas Downs, Hibbing.
160: Ethan Osterhoudt, Hibbing; Jon Swanson, Thief River Falls
171: Aric Berg, Thief River Falls; Skip Johnson, Hibbing
189: Joseph Facchinni, Nashwauk-Keewatin/Greenway; Derek Moehling, Deer River/Northland.
275: Elliot Osterhoudt, Hibbing; Steve Soderberg, Park Rapids Area
Team abbreviations - EGF: East Grand Forks Senior High; Ros: Roseau; Fos-Bag: Fosston-Bagley; TRF: Thief River Falls; DL: Detroit Lakes; DR: Deer River; WHAN: Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-Nevis; Hib: Hibbing; CR: Crookston; PR: Park Rapids.
103 pounds
First round - Issiah Hruby, Ros, over James Preus, EGF, 2:51; Justin Skillings, DL, over Dustin Kako, WHAN, 9-2; Cole Perry, CR, over Delilah Alvarado, BCLB, 11-4.

Quarterfinals - Tyler Safratowich, PR, over Issiah Hruby 3:24; Tim Bebeau, DR, over Matt Essig, Fos-Bag, 4-2; Travis Timmerman, Hib, over Justin Skillings 8-0; Colt Bergeron, TRF, over Cole Perry 1:53.

Semifinals - Tyler Safratowich over Tim Bebeau 5:11; Colt Bergeron over Travis Timmerman 1:25.

1st - Tyler Safratowich dec. Colt Bergeron 3-2

3rd - Travis Timmerman pin Tim Bebeau 3:19

5th - Matt Essig dec. Justin Skillings 9-3

112 pounds

First round - Phil Haugen, DL, over John Schear, DR, 10-5; Mike Shogren, BCLB, over Matt McDonald, N-K, 1:05; Mark Przekwas, Ros, over Chris Dufault, CR, :57.

Quarterfinals - Nate Rausch, WHAN, over Phil Haugen 9-1; Eric Mattson, Hib, over Andrew Preus, EGF, 13-5; Daniel LeDuc, TRF, over Mike Shogren 9-1; Ben Bruce, Fos-Bag, over Mark Przekwas 4:00.

Semifinals - Nate Rausch over Eric Mattson 9-2; Daniel LeDuc over Ben Bruce 2:38.

1st - Nate Rausch maj. Daniel LeDuc 14-0

3rd - Ben Bruce dec. Eric Mattson 8-1

5th - Phil Haugen dec. Mike Shogren 8-4

119 pounds

First round - Tommy Leaper, WHAN, over Stephen Anderson, Ros, 12-0.

Quarterfinals - Cody Nord, BCLB, over Tommy Leaper 1:42; Karl Manner, Hib, over Justin Janssen, Fos-Bag, 8-5; Shad Tappe, DL, over Chris Bergeron, TRF, 1:24; Dustin Horner, DR, over Brent Reierson, CR, 3:04.

Semifinals - Cody Nord over Karl Manner 6:00; Shad Tappe over Dustin Horner 11-1.

1st - Cody Nord pin Shad Tappe 4:49

3rd - Dustin Horner maj. Karl Manner 14-0

5th - Justin Janssen maj. Chris Bergeron 16-2

125 pounds

First round - Jesse Johnson, EGF, over Casey Altepeter, CR, 4:43; Kyle Downs, Hib, over Ryan Ortiz, DL, 1:36.

Quarterfinals - Dan Essig, DR, over Jesse Johnson 1:29; Chad Zubke, WHAN, over Jeremy Thurman, N/K, 16-3; Ellis Peterson, PR, over Travis Foster, BCLB, 6-0; Beau Abrahamson, TRF, over Kyle Downs 6:00.

Semifinals - Dan Essig over Chad Zubke 8-2; Beau Abrahamson over Ellis Peterson 9-0.

1st - Dan Essig dec. Beau Abrahamson 8-7

True 2nd - Chad Zubke dec. Beau Abrahamson 12-5

3rd - Chad Zubke dec. Ellis Peterson 12-6

5th - Travis Foster dec. Jeremy Thurman 7-2

130 pounds

First round - Jeremy Wright, N/K, over Brandon May, PR, 3:29; Evan Huotari, DR, over Joey Palmer, CR, 1:01; Brent Crow, WHAN, over Kory Erickson, Fos-Bag, 1:15.

Quarterfinals - Jeremy Anderson, TRF, over Jeremy Wright :41; Kaleb Young, BCLB, over Bill Cabrera, EGF, 4:45; Noel Barret, Ros, over Evan Huotari, DR, 1:46; Ben Lamphere, Hib, over Brent Crow, WHAN, 1:08.

Semifinals - Ben Lamphere over Noel Barret 15-3; Jeremy Anderson maj. Kaleb Young 8-0

1st - Ben Lamphere dec. Jeremy Anderson 3-2

True 2nd - Jeremy Anderson maj. Noel Barret 12-2

3rd - Noel Barret pin Kaleb Young 1:39

5th - Bill Cabrera dec. Evan Huotari 4-2

135 pounds

First round - Josh Nyhus, Hib, over Scott Hanson, EGF, 8-4; Lars Lisell, Ros, over Shawn Young, BCLB, 3:26; Dale Gullickson, DR, over Jeff Woodford, WHAN, 6-1.

Quarterfinals - Shane Tappe, DL, over Josh Nyhus 1:29; Brandon Yuhala, N/K, over Zach Anderson, TRF, 8-3; Lars Lisell over Nick Genereux, CR, 8-5; Ramsey Miller, PR, over Dale Gullickson 1:27.

Semifinals - Shane Tappe over Brandon Yuhala 1:22; Lars Lisell over Ramsey Miller 11-9.

1st - Shane Tappe pin Lars Lisell 3:02

True 2nd - Lars Lisell maj. Brandon Yuhala 8-0

3rd - Brandon Yuhala dec. Ramsey Miller 9-3

5th - Josh Nyhus pin Dale Gullickson 4:27

140 pounds

First round - Jake Crist, Fos-Bag, over Tristian Labarge, Hib, 3:47; Issac Perala, CR, over Josh Plaidsted, N/K, 2:52; Aaron Young, BCLB, over Ryan Bruggeman, TRF, 12-9.

Quarterfinals - Kevin Peterson, Ros, over Jake Crist 2:33; Ryan Miller, PR, over Issac Perala 2:00; Nick Boit, DL, over Aaron Young 4:14; Kurt Moehling, DR, over Brady Crow :56.

Semifinals - Kevin Peterson over Ryan Miller 4:05; Nick Boit over Kurt Moehling 3:41.

1st - Kevin Peterson maj. Nick Boit 19-8

3rd - Kurt Moehling maj. Ryan Miller 14-1

5th - Aaron Young dec. Issac Perala 3-1

145 pounds

First round - Ryan Poissant, TRF, over Jeremy Flackhus, WHAN, :31; Zach Serfling, DR, over Kevin Greene, EGF, 1:38; Mike Morris, BCLB, over Tony Ferguson, Fos-Bag, 4-1.

Quarterfinals - Joe Safratowich, PR, over Ryan Poissant 1:42; Danny Vitali, Hib, over Jerry Blahut, DL, default; Zach Serfling over Mark Proulx, CR, 4-3; Andy Przekwas, Ros, over Mike Morris 2:43.

Semifinals - Joe Safratowich over Danny Vitali 7-1; Andy Przekwas over Zach Serfling 3:36.

1st - Joe Safratowich dec. Andy Przekwas 5-2

True 2nd - Andy Przekwas dec. Danny Vitali 5-2

3rd - Danny Vitali dec. Zach Serfling 5-1

5th - Mark Proulx pin Tony Ferguson 1:47

152 pounds

First round - Adam Lian, TRF, over Aaron Larson, DL, 7-4; Ivar Haakonson, Ros, over Chris Splichal, WHAN, 3:59; Matt Olson, Fos-Bag, over Chris Bonderson, N/K, 3:44.

Quarterfinals - Steve Safratowich, PR, over Adam Lian 12-0; Cyrus Dorry, DR, over Joey Perreault, CR, 7-4; Paul Anderson, BCLB, over Ivar Haakonson 1:51; Doug Downs, Hib, over Matt Olson 1:18.

Semifinals - Steve Safratowich over Cyrus Dorry 9-2; Doug Downs over Paul Anderson 7-4.

1st - Steve Safratowich dec. Doug Downs 4-1

3rd - Paul Anderson maj. Cyrus Dorry 11-1

5th - Adam Lian dec. Aaron Larson 4-3

160 pounds

First round - Tom Wagner, EGF, over James Forbord, DR, 1:37; Josh Roberts, WHAN, over Justin Frank, Fos-Bag, :39; Chris Olson, Ros, over Tony Treno, N/K, 5-4.

Quarterfinals - Jon Swanson, TRF, over Tom Wagner 17-4; Joey Coauette, CR, over Brent Eidenschink, DL, 4-0; Joseph Bechtold, BCLB, over Josh Roberts 3:44; Ethan Osterhoudt, Hib, over Chris Olson 3:26.

Semifinals - Jon Swanson over Joey Coauette 10-5; Ethan Osterhoudt over Joseph Bechtold 4-3.

1st - Ethan Osterhoudt pin Jon Swanson 4:35

3rd - Joey Coauette dec. Joseph Bechtold 8-7

5th - Josh Roberts pin Brent Eidenschink 2:44

171 pounds

First round - Victor Krueger, Ros, over Jake Coombs, Fos-Bag, 8-0; Jim Perrault, CR, over Aaron Perreault, N/K, 2:57; Ross Pape, EGF, over Steve Rogers, DR, 2:59.

Quarterfinals - Aric Berg, TRF, over Victor Krueger 1:59; Justin Schramm, DL, over Ryan Mistic, BCLB, 12-7; Skip Johnson, Hib, over Jim Perrault 5:07; Barry Grochow, PR, over Ross Pape 12-4.

Semifinals - Aric Berg tech. Justin Schramm 4:43; Skip Johnson, Hib, over Barry Grochow 1:08.

1st - Aric Berg dec. Skip Johnson 5-0

3rd - Barry Grochow dec. Justin Schramm 10-7

5th - Ryan Mistic dec. Ross Pape 6-5

189 pounds

First round - Kris Kolkin, BCLB, over Tylor Slinger, Hib, 4-2; Greg Yeats, WHAN, over Chase Rupprect, TRF, 15-12.

Quarterfinals - Joe Facchinni, N/K, over Kris Kolkin :55; Elliot Steinbrink, CR, over Steve Roseno, EGF, 10-8; Derek Moehling, DR, over Josh Haakonson, Ros, 5:28; Scott Sellers, DL, over Greg Yeats 9-3.

Semifinals - Joe Facchinni over Elliot Steinbrink 14-5; Derek Moehling over Scott Sellers 8-5.

1st - Joe Facchinni pin Derek Moehling :44

3rd - Scott Sellers dec. Elliot Steinbrink 9-6

5th - Josh Haakonson dec. Chase Rupprect 10-5

275 pounds

First round - Steve Erickson, BCLB, over Aaron Miller, TRF, 1:11; Jake Waterworth, Ros, over Aaron Sigerson, WHAN, 3:15.

Quarterfinals - Elliot Osterhoudt, Hib, over Steve Erickson 1:10; Vince Gonzales, CR, over Nick Coombs, Fos-Bag, 3:15; Steve Soderberg, PR, over Garret Condon, EGF, 1:49; James Newman, DL, over Jake Waterworth 5:14.

Semifinals - Elliot Osterhoudt over Vince Gonzales 3-1; Steve Soderberg over James Newman 8-4.

1st - Elliot Osterhoudt pin Steve Soderberg 3:19

True 2nd - Steve Soderberg dec. Vince Gonzales 3-1

3rd - Vince Gonzales pin James Newman 2:57

5th - Steve Erickson pin Jake Waterworth :45


Coach of the year - Rick Yanke, Thief River Falls.

Assistant coach of the year - Corky Hanson, Crookston.