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Class AA Section 5 Individual

Events subject to change. Check local schedules to verify dates, times, and locations.

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Tournament Results Form | Fax: 1-503-210-8826
02/23/02 at New London-Spicer High School
1st: M. Hohenstein DC 12-8
2nd: T.Seck Del
3rd: E. Schoenberg Mel 5-0
4th: T. Polzin G-SL
5th: B. Shanahan W-M Fall 2:51
6th: A. Luberts NL-S
T. Seck Del dec. E. Schoenberg Mel 13-6
1st: B. Anderson AN\ML 7-5
2nd: S. Glenz Pay
3rd: M. Olson Del 6-0
4th: D. Nathan Roc
5th: T. Roediger NL-S Inj. Def.
6th: T. Geyen W-M
1st: Tony Noyes NL-S 13-2
2nd: J. Ziegler Litch
3rd: P. Noonan Pay 8-3
4th: M. Burns W-M
5th: M. Sager DC 16-2
6th: L.Dumas Rock
1st: J. Sogge Pay TF 3:56
2nd: S. Schlangen Alb
3rd: A. Hoppe Mel 10-6
4th: C. Dalbec Del
5th: J. Schoolmeester Litch OT Criteria 1-1
6th: C. Kubasch W-M
1st: J. Isakson DC 4-2
2nd: J. Buschette Litch
3rd: A. Christian Pay Fall 2:42
4th: N. Bruch G-SL
5th: J. Howe Roc 9-7
6th: K. Doll Alb
1st: N. Glenz Pay 10-9
2nd: J. Meyer Mel
3rd: J. Wawra Rock 7-2
4th: N. Kutz DC
5th: S. Pilgram AN\ML 11-1
6th: J. Zierden Alb
1st: N. Matousek G-SL OT 5-3
2nd: E. Flowers Litch
3rd: C. Rothstein Alb 9-5
4th: B. Salmen DC
5th: Travis Roediger NL-S 13-4
6th: J. Reeck Pay
1st: R. Malikowski Roc 4-3
2nd: S. Toops NL-S
3rd: J. Fuchs Pay 10-1
4th: E. Vasko G-SL
5th: K. Kohls W-M 3-0
6th: D. Lidberg AN\ML
1st: T. Gottschalk Litch Fall 5:44
2nd: Z. Zierden Alb
3rd: J. Donahue W-M 6-4
4th: L. Peterson DC
5th: T. Griebel Del 6-2
6th: M. Milbert Roc
1st: A. Goebel Alb 7-2
2nd: B. Morris G-SL
3rd: R. Lieser Roc 3-2
4th: D. Halonen DC
5th: M. Meagher Pay Inj Def
6th: C. Schlack Litch
1st: M. Imdieke Mel 11-4
2nd: R. Glenz Pay
3rd: A. Blackmore Alb 10-7
4th: J. Eastling DC
5th: J. Motzko W-M 5-1
6th: T. Ogden AN\ML
1st: M. Engen Pay 6-0
2nd: B. Johnson Litch
3rd: A. Westby NL-S 1-0
4th: J. Maresh G-SL
5th: C. Schrupp W-M 4-3
6th: L. Hauan DC
1st: N. Philippi DC Fall 5:32
2nd: C. Hennen Alb
3rd: J. Olsen AN\ML OT 3-1
4th: B. Nowak G-SL
5th: L. Buffington NL-S Fall 1:21
6th: B. Person Pay
J. Olsen AN\ML fall C. Hennen Alb 5:05
Section 5AA Coach of the Year Jair Toedter NL-S
Section 5AA Assistant Coach of the Year Steve Fuchs Pay