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Class AA Section 3 Individual

Events subject to change. Check local schedules to verify dates, times, and locations.

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Tournament Results Form | Fax: 1-503-210-8826
2/23/02 at Lac qui Parle Valley
1st T. Elg (WMBO0 7-0
2nd L Giese (FMCC)
3rd J Kolander (JCC) Fall 1:53
4th C Listul (YME)
5th G Halvorson (MONT) Fall 4:56
6th K Evans (PJ)
1st J Stuckenbroker (WMBO) 7-5
2nd M Barris (RRWW)
3rd J Ludvigson (LQPV) 16-3
4th T Hug (WSV)
5th L Clarke (FMCC) 8-5
6th K. Malherek (MAR)
True 2nd
M Barris (RRWW) over J. Ludvigson (LQPV) 8-4
1st M Kulseth (WMBO) 7-5
2nd C Tiesler (L)
3rd J Homan (MONT) 6-2
4th A Snyder (TMB)
5th B Haas (LQPV) Default
6th C. Schmidt (WSV)
True 2nd
C Tiesler (L) over J Homan (MONT) 5-4
1st S Jacobson (YME) Fall 1:32
2nd S Evans (PJ)
3rd C Avelsgard (L!PV) 15-1
4th T Winters (WMBO)
5th A Nelson (TME) 13-3
6th D Donth (L)
1st J Cooley (RRWW) 4-3
2nd A Elg (WMBO)
3rd J Fruechte (PJ) Fall 1:42
4th J Langseth (WSV)
5th L Ruess (MONT) 8-6 OT
6th N Stock (LQPV)
1st A Scarset (RRWW) 20-8
2nd N Cole (YME)
3rd D Borsgard (WMBO)
4th M Evans (PJ) Fall 1:58
5th W Behr (FMCC) 8-1
6th J Munsterman (LQPV)
1st J Evans (PJ) Fall :42
2nd K Arndt (JCC)
3rd P Jahn (YME) 6-2
4th T Halvorson (MONT)
5th J Schroepfer ((RRWW) 12-4
6th V Toutges (LQPV)
True 2nd
P Jahn (YME) over K Arndt (JCC) 14-13
1st K Scheff (JCC) 13-2
2nd R Olsem (FMCC)
3rd J Campbell (WSV) 10-1
4th R Kruger (WMBO)
5th T Pauling (MONT) Default
6th T Santjer (YME)
True 2nd
R Olsem (FMCC) over J Campbell (WSV) 6-4 OT
1st M Harwwod (JCC) TF 4:27
2nd E Kathman (TMB)
3rd J Schuelke (MAR) 8-0
4th J Williamson (MONT)
5th Z Stock (YME) 4-2
6th E Nelson (RRWW)
True 2nd
J Schuelke (MAR) over E Kathman (TMB) 9-7 OT
1st D Hall (WMBO) 5-2
2nd B Lutmer (MAR)
3rd B Smidt (PJ) 16-4
4th D Paulzine (FMCC)
5th B Croatt ( LQPV) 6-2
6th A Kolander (JCC)
1st D Bakker (MONT) 4-3
2nd T Nesseth (JCC)
3rd C Anderson (WMB)) 12-1
4th Z Santjar (YME)
5th C Heinrich (PQPV) 10-2
6th D Geottig (TMB)
True 2nd
C Anderson (WMBO) over T Nesseth (JCC) 5-4
1st C Bruns (MAR) 9-0
2nd J Evans (L)
3rd P Huber (MONT) 6-2
4th M Kautz (FMCC)
5th D Sampson (JCC) 8-5
6th G Spaeth (RRWW)
1st L Kruse (JCC) 5-2
2nd T Johnson (RRWW)
3rd D Wacha (MONT) 3-0
4th J Olson (PJ)
5th C Jagow (L) Fall 2:55
6th T Thompson (WSV)